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Awards & Recognition

Awards for Current Students

Recent External Awards to Students

A variety of external  awards honoring Joint Program Students.

WHOI Ocean Ventures Fund Recipients

The intent of the WHOI Ocean Ventures Funds is to promote hard-to-fund, cutting-edge research by encouraging scientists to take chances in following their curiosity.

Grassle Fellowship Fund

The intent of the Grassle Fellowship Fund (GFF) is to support post-generals graduate student research related to ocean biodiversity or physical-biological interactions.  The ocean biodiversity theme relates to five questions:  What lives in the ocean?  Where do they live and why?  How many are there?  Are there long-term trends in biodiversity of marine ecosystems?  If so, what factors affect observed/predicted changes? The physical-biological interactions theme relates to the effects of physical processes at all spatial scales on the ecology of marine organisms or ecosystems.

Graduate and Commencement Awards

George P. Panteleyev Award

The George "Gera" Pavlovich Panteleyev Award is presented each year to a graduating student who has best exemplified the commitment to enhancing graduate student life.

Rear Admiral Richard F. Pittenger, USN (Ret) Award

The award is awarded each year to a United States naval officer in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program.

Earl Ewing Hays Award

This award was established by his friends in memory of Earl’s deep devotion to education and his enjoyment of the company and intellectual stimulation of students

Ruth and Paul Fye Award

On the occasion of Paul M. Fye's retirement as Director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and in special recognition of his and Ruth Fye's personal interest in the graduate program and students, the employees of the Institution established an endowed fund through personal contributions to support an award for the best graduate student paper.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Arnold B. Arons Award

This award was established by WHOI to honor the memory of Dr. Arnold B. Arons, long serving Trustee and Honorary Trustee of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.