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Alumni Association

The charter of the Association of the Alumni/Alumnae of the MIT-WHOI Joint Program was presented on July 1, 1994 and ratified on October 25, 1994. It was envisioned that the Association would ensure continued communication among alumni, and between alumni and Joint Program students and the institutions (MIT and WHOI), “in order to promote the continued excellence of the Joint Program.” All Joint Program and WHOI degree recipients are considered members of the Association. The activities of the Association are coordinated by the Alumni Association Committee.

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Alumni Association Committee

Current Membership (Joint Program discipline)

Erin Bertrand (Chemical Oceanography)

Eric Brugler (Applied Ocean Science & Engineering)

Antonietta Capatondi (Physical Oceanography)

Stacy DeRuiter (Biological Oceanography)

Greg Gerbi (Physical Oceanography)

Carl Hartsfield (Applied Ocean Science & Engineering)

Liz Kujawinski-Behn (Chemical Oceanography)

Alison Macdonald (Physical Oceanography)

Claire Pontbriand (Marine Geology & Geophysics)

Emily Roland (Marine Geology & Geophysics)

Gorka Sancho (Biological Oceanography)

Liz Sikes (Marine Geology & Geophysics)

Paul Snelgrove (Biological Oceanography)

Joe Warren (Applied Ocean Science & Engineering)

Rachel Wisniewski Jakuba (Chemical Oceanography)

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