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Personal Vehicle

Personal vehicle travel (with justification) will be reimbursed $40/round trip.

  • Reimbursement for driving a personal vehicle will be limited to one round-trip/week, unless there is justification for more frequent trips.
  • No reimbursement (for travel from MIT to WHOI) will be made for days when the Joint Program bus runs.
  • Requests may be submitted at either MIT or WHOI (be sure to use the correct format for that institution).


At WHOI:  Requests for reimbursement must be submitted on a monthly basis using Unanet.  See Related Links (video) and Related Files (pdf) for Unanet instructions.

  • Under Project, use account "APO 00351601 WOODS HOLE/CAMBRIDGE JP TRAVEL.”
  • Under Expense Type, use "DOM MISC TRAVEL 5170" (for personal vehicle).
  • Be sure to include detail in the Comments & Purpose sections (e.g., meeting, class, medical, etc.), and whether your travel was one-way or round-trip.

Carpooling: Drivers will be reimbursed $10/JP passenger each way.

  • Note the name(s) of your passenger(s) in the Comments section in Unanet.


At MIT: Submit reimbursement forms to the Joint Program Office in 54-820 (form available under Related Files and on the door of 54-820).