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Personal Vehicle

Personal vehicle travel (with justification) will be reimbursed $40/round trip, and is limited to one round trip per week.

  • Please see policy for eligibility and justifiable requests.
  • No reimbursement (for travel from MIT to WHOI) will be made for days when the Joint Program bus runs.
  • Requests may be submitted at either MIT or WHOI (be sure to use the correct format for that institution, see below).
  • Requests for a parking pass at MIT can be submitted to Tricia Nesti, with advance notice (minimum 24 hours).


At WHOI:  Requests for reimbursement must be submitted on a monthly basis using Unanet.  See Related Links (video) and Related Files (pdf) for Unanet instructions.

  1. Under Project, use account "APO 00351601 WOODS HOLE/CAMBRIDGE JP TRAVEL.”
  2. Under Expense Type, use "DOM MISC TRAVEL 5170" (for personal vehicle).
  3. Must include reason for travel in the Comments &/or Purpose sections (e.g., meeting, class, medical, etc.), and whether your travel was one-way or round-trip.

Carpooling: Drivers will be reimbursed $10/JP passenger each way.

  • Note the name(s) of your passenger(s) in the Comments section in Unanet.


  1. Log on to your MIT Atlas dashboard and select “Reimbursements”
  2. Add in the “Date of Service” as the date of your travel, the “Amount” (see the top of this page for personal vehicle reimbursement rates), and add an “Explanation” (just a few words that describe the nature/reason for your travel and the start/ending destination). Leave the “G/L Account” and “Cost Object” boxes blank.
  3. Select “Save and Continue”. You will then have the option to attach a receipt.  You must attach a receipt in order for your request to be approved.
  4. Complete and save to your desktop a reimbursement form (available under “Related Files” in the right sidebar) as your receipt for your travel. Select this file as the receipt and choose “Attach”.
  5. At the bottom of your window, you will see an option to “Send To”. Select this and type in “Patricia Nesti” and then select her from the search results and choose “Send”.  This will allow her to view and process your reimbursement request.