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How You Can Help

  • Act as a resource for other alumni and current Joint Program students
  • Volunteer for career forums at WHOI and at MIT
  • Become an active member of the Alumni Association Committee (AAC)
MIT-WHOI Joint Program
This general-use fund offers the WHOI Academic Programs Office the most flexibility in meeting the various needs of the Joint Program including funds for student tuition and stipend, health insurance, student cruises, career enhancement activities, etc.
Next Wave Fund
This fund was created specifically to help support the stipends of first-year students in the Joint Program ensuring them the freedom to try different research topics and evaluate potential sponsors. 
A.L. “Jake” Peirson III Student Opportunity Fund
The Peirson Opportunity Fund provides flexible support for graduate student needs such as travel to scientific meetings and workshops, use of special facilities, and small equipment purchases for thesis research. To donate to the WHOI-managed funds listed above, click here and make sure to select the fund to which you want to contribute under Direct My Gift Support. 


The MIT Joint Program Alumni Gifts Fund
Gifts can be made by check or online to support almost any kind of special event, special student activities, or supplement other existing alumni funds.  Donors who have never given to MIT before should first create an account, then go directly to the MIT Joint Program Alumni Gifts Fund, and click on "Give Now." The donor can then determine the size of the gift and see other choices available, such as making the gift a multi-year pledge. The MIT-WHOI Joint Program fund number is 2537800.