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Primary Funding Information

Funding Information

Details of primary funding sources for students are funded throughout the duration of the program (i.e., how sources of funding for tuition and stipend)

Support for Student Research, Courses, and Research-related Travel

The MIT Student Assistance Fund

Provides financial assistance for all MIT-WHOI Joint Program students towards travel as well as certain incidental equipment purchases that are not available through the student's principal advisor.

Conference Travel Funding

A variety of MIT- and WHOI-based resources to support student travel.

Competitive Grants for Current Students

Student research is supported by the WHOI Ocean Ventures Fund and the Grassle Fellowship Fund. A solicitation for proposals is distributed annually.

Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences 

Funds to support student research at BIOS. The money was donated by Mr. Arch Scurlock, President of Research Industries, Inc. in Alexandria, VA.

Support for Living, Health, and Commuting Expenses

Child Care Subsidy

WHOI subsidizes the cost of daycare for dependents of JP students.

Health reimbursement for WHOI-based Students

An account for WHOI-based Joint Program students who need urgent care or care for chronic illnesses

Office of Graduate Education Grants

MIT can provide some assistance to graduate students experiencing financial hardships arising from a variety of circumstances.

MIT Doctoral Student Financial Hardship Assistance

Long-term hardship assistance is intended to be a resource for doctoral students who are experiencing recurring financial distress, including unexpected and unavoidable expenses, when they have exhausted all other resources. This includes hardships related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Intercampus Travel Reimbursement 

Students whose advisors are based at WHOI and live in the WHOI area can request travel reimbursement to travel to MIT for academic purposes, JP events, and for medical appointments.

Transient Housing and Rent Assistance

WHOI housing is available for Joint Program students whose research or other academic activity requires that they stay overnight near the WHOI campus. Rent Assistance is also available for those who are a resident at MIT, paying rent in the Cambridge area, and demonstrates the need for housing at WHOI during the summer.