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Registration Instructions

All students taking classes are expected to meet with their advisors to discuss fall and spring term subject selection. Students are strongly encouraged to submit registration forms before classes begin to ensure accurate course enrollments. The deadline to register without penalty is the Friday following registration day at 5:00pm.

The process:

  1. Students and advisors meet to agree on subject enrollment for the term.
  2. Academic advisor approves the subject selections for which the student has preregistered.  (If the advisor is a WHOI faculty member, they send an email to the WHOI Registrar indicating approval of the selected courses, and the WHOI Registrar approves the online registration.)
  3. Student completes registration process by submitting the digital form.

Total Units for Full-Time Students

Spring and Fall terms: 36-56 units

Summer session: 24 units

IAP: JP students do not register unless taking a specific course OR submitting their final thesis during IAP.

Registering for Research

Students working on a master's, engineer's, or doctoral thesis should register for thesis units.

School of Science: Only students who have passed the thesis proposal defense and advanced to candidacy or are working on a master’s degree should register for thesis units.

School of Engineering: Students should consult their handbook, Academic Advisor, or MIT Graduate Administrator for guidance.

Research Subject Numbers

Course 1 - Civil & Environmental Engineering
1.THGGraduate Thesis
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
2.689Projects in Oceanographic Engineering
2.THGGraduate Thesis
Course 6 - Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
6.9920Introductory Research in EECS
6.THGGraduate Thesis
Course 7 - Biology
7.491Research in Biological Oceanography (pre-thesis proposal)
7.THGGraduate Thesis
Course 12 - Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences
12.980Current Research in Joint Program at MIT (letter graded)
12.981Current Research in Joint Program at MIT (Pass/D/Fail)
12.982Current Research in Joint Program at WHOI (letter graded - only use this number if specifically advised to do so)
12.983Current Research in Joint Program at WHOI (Pass/D/Fail)
12.THGGraduate Thesis
Course 16 - Aeronautics & Astronautics
16.THGGraduate Thesis

Adding and Dropping Courses

Students wishing to add or drop subjects from their registration should use the MIT Registrar's website. The student initiates the change; it is then approved by an advisor or administrator.  Once the approval is made, the student must make sure to submit the change or the process will not be complete.

The deadline to add is in the fifth week of the term; the drop deadline is during the twelfth week of the term.  Students should make sure to allow time for for the approver of the change to submit their decision.

Teaching Trainees

Teaching Trainees should register for the following using the department number where the subject is taught:

Subject DepartmentSubject NumberUnits
1 – CEEN/a or 1.984see subject description
2 – MEN/A--
6 – EECS6.98124 (if fulltime TA)
7 – Biology7.93415
12 – EAPS12.4461


For students who want to take courses at Harvard, please see the MIT cross-registration page for instructions about cross-registering.