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Joint Program Car

The MIT-WHOI Joint Program has a station wagon available for official Joint Program business, such as commuting between MIT and WHOI at times when other transportation is unavailable or inconvenient. Only students, faculty, and staff associated with the Joint Program are eligible to sign out the car.

Those wishing to use the vehicle should send a request via email to the MIT Joint Program Administrator in 54-812 at least one day in advance.  Borrowers must have confirmation of a valid license in good standing with a clean record through the MIT Atlas Service Center in E19; this requirement is referred to as an MVR.  MVRs must be renewed through the same process every three years.

1. Request approval from the MIT JP Office (54-812), and have the Driver's License Verification Request Form signed by the MIT Joint Program Administrator.

2. Fill out the MVR Authorization Form. (This form can also be filled out in person at SEMO.)

3. Take a copy of the signed JP request/approval form, along with your driver’s license, and the MVR form in person to the Atlas Service Center in E19 and fill-out a secondary, state-issued motor vehicle record check form.  The Atlas Service Center will only accept requests submitted in person.

The Atlas Service Center accepts MVR requests on a walk-in basis only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 12 PM.

The Atlas Service Center will notify the JP Office when the check is completed and whether the driver is cleared to operate the JP car.

We expect that the car will be returned with at least half a tank of gas.  Users may pay for gas using an MIT credit card which is included with the keys and must get a receipt for gasoline purchase and turn in the receipt along with the car and the sign-out cover sheet.

The car can be borrowed for one 24-hour period only and must be returned to MIT by 9 AM the following day.  Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the JP Administrator in advance.  Note:  All users are responsible for any toll or parking violations that they may incur.