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2023 Steinbach Visiting Scholars

Dr. Kerri Seger
Applied Ocean Sciences
Applied Ocean Science and Engineering

July 27- 28

Dr. Seger is a bioacoustician, working at the intersection of acoustics, instrumentation, biology, and ecology. Her research focuses on marine mammal acoustics, and previous projects include establishing a passive acoustic monitoring station off the Pacific coast of Columbia while she was teaching at the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana as a Fulbright Scholar.

Scheduled Talks

  • July 27 (CANCELED): Institution-wide seminar, 3:00pm in Redfield Auditorium
    The Gulf of Tribuga: how soundscapes and BACI projects for student theses support Colombia’s conservation goals and international collaboration
  • July 27 (CANCELED): Networking Barbecue, 4:00pm Redfield Lower Lawn
  • July 28 (CANCELED): Department-wide seminar
    Recording Full Ship Shock Trials of anaircraft carrier: using the parabolic equationto plan, assess, and test BACI hypotheses
  • July 28 (CANCELED): Informal Q&A for students at 12:00pm in Clark 509
    The science trifecta of today: research, teaching, and media

Dr. Daniel Ibarra
Brown University
Marine Geology and Geophysics

August 22- 24

Dr. Ibarra is a terrestrial biogeochemist and paleoclimatologist, studying the water and carbon cycles with biogeochemical tracers. He is also one of the founders of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Geoscience (AAPIG), a group dedicated to building community for Asian American and Pacific Islander geoscientists.

Scheduled Talks

  • August 22: Institution-wide seminar, 3:00pm in Redfield Auditorium
    Ancient lakes and lithium: connecting past warm-wet states to an emerging natural resource
  • August 22: Networking Barbecue, 4:00pm Redfield Lower Lawn
  • August 23: Department-wide seminar, 11:30am in Clark 507
    Triple oxygen isotope geochemistry and paleoaltimetry
  • August 24: Informal Q&A for students, 12:30pm in Clark 509.

Dr. Phoebe Lam
University of California, Santa Cruz
Chemical Oceanography

September 12-14

Dr. Lam is a “marine particle geochemist” interested in the role that marine particles play in the biogeochemical cycling of major and minor elements in the ocean such as carbon, iron, and other trace elements. This includes the factors affecting the efficiency of the biological carbon pump; the past and current role of iron in stimulating primary production; the chemical speciation and bioavailability of marine particulate iron; the role of major particle composition on particle export (the ballast hypothesis) and on trace metal scavenging; and much more! She is actively involved in the International GEOTRACES program, which is greatly expanding their understanding of the cycling of trace elements in the ocean, and revealing new questions about the role of particles every day.

Scheduled Talks

Sept. 12: Institution-wide seminar, 4:00pm Redfield Auditorium
The Biological Carbon Pump: Quantifying the Rates of Particle Dynamics 

Sept. 12: Networking Barbecue, 5:00pm Redfield Lower Lawn

Sept. 13: Department-wide seminar, 10:00am in Clark 507
Trace Elements and Isotope Scavenging by Marine Particles: From Atoms to Thousands of Kilometers 

Sept. 14: Informal Q&A for students, 12:00pm in Clark 509