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WHOI Check-in Forms for Incoming Students

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

*Navy students do not need to complete the I-9 form.

For students paid by WHOI during Fall 2022, the completed Form I-9 with acceptable and original documentation must be completed and presented to the WHOI Human Resources Department no later than September 9.

For students paid by MIT, the completed Form I-9 with acceptable and original documentation must be completed and presented to the WHOI Human Resources Department before the end of fall semester.

Step 1. Review the Form I-9 as soon as possible so that you can ask questions ahead of time. Send questions to the Human Resources Department at

Step 2. Email the Human Resources Department at to find out how to submit your Form I-9 and acceptable documentation. Depending on the COVID-19 situation and changing USCIS requirements, you may be asked to submit documentation remotely or in person. Paige will advise you of which submission option applies to you, and when appropriate, you should arrange a time to meet with Paige to complete this transaction.

Click to access information about I-9 including the form.Your identification documentation will need to be processed by E-Verify [click to access information about e-verify].

Forms for U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals

Establish your Employee Online account to set up direct deposit for payroll and reimbursement (i.e travel). You will need to connect to the WHOI network via VPN, and enter your email username and password to begin using Employee Online.

Fellowship Payment Tax Memo (pdf) *Navy students do not need to sign.

Please read and sign this memo. Keep one copy for your records. This memo explains your tax obligations.

Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement (pdf)

Please read and sign.

Forms for U.S. Citizens Only

*Navy students do not need to complete the tax forms.
Federal Tax - Form W-4

Massachusetts State Tax Withholding Form M-4
For more information visit,

Forms for Foreign Nationals Only

**You must complete your online check-in with MIT's International Student Office (ISO) PRIOR to submitting check-in forms to WHOI and participating on the SEA Cramer cruise (if we are able to offer the summer cruise). Please plan accordingly. You may attend an ISO orientation after your WHOI check-in appointment but you will not be able to register for the summer/fall term so please attend an orientation session as soon as possible. See the MIT ISO website for more information.

Foreign National Information Form (FNIF) (pdf)

This form must be completed before you can receive any form of payment. All applicable questions on both pages. A copy of both sides of your I-94 Form "Arrival and Departure Record", (a small white card inside your passport), copy of your U.S. VISA from your passport, and 1-20 or IAP66 must be included. This form must be submitted before any check can be issued by the WHOI Payroll Office and must also be completed by anyone receiving tuition remission/scholarship.

Obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN)

If you are not in the US and haven’t been here previously, you do not need to apply for an SSN.

If you are in the US, you will need to obtain an SSN once the Social Security office re-opens.

Please submit a receipt of the application for the social security number. Contact Dena Richard at or 508-289-2377 in WHOI Payroll for questions.

Social Security Office in Falmouth

It is essential that you begin the process of obtaining a US social security number when the office reopens and report your number to the Academic Programs Office as soon as possible.  The local Social Security Administration office is located in Falmouth.

Directions to the Social Security Administration in Falmouth (pdf)

Opening a US Bank Account

We suggest using a local bank in Falmouth or the Cambridge area.

WHOI International Committee

The International Committee welcomes you to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). This committee provides support and assistance that can help you to become acclimated to the Institution and to the community.

International Committee Welcome Letter