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Health Insurance

Under Massachusetts law, all students are required to be covered by comprehensive medical insurance.

Access to MIT Medical is included with tuition payment – all Joint Program students are covered by the Student Medical Plan (SMP) however, extended insurance is required to cover services such as hospitalization.

Extended plans can be purchased through:

  • MIT (All students are automatically enrolled in the Student Extended Insurance Plan and must waive coverage each year by the deadline if not needed) – The cost for the student is paid by MIT, WHOI Academic Programs (APO) or an external fellowship.  Students must pay for any family members enrolled.  For information regarding cost and coverage, click here.
  • Other sources such as partner’s plan, parent’s plan, Navy, etc.  (Students on other plans must waive MIT insurance each year.)

Waiving MIT Insurance Coverage

  • Coverage can be waived for the entire year (September-August) or by term (Fall: September-January or Spring: February-August).
  • Coverage must be waived by the deadlines (August 15 for the fall term or entire year; January 31 for the spring term).