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WHOI housing is available for Joint Program students whose research or other academic activity requires that they stay overnight near the WHOI campus.  This policy defines the circumstances under which this housing will be provided free of charge.  If a request for housing is outside of these circumstances, there will be a nominal and nonrefundable cost to the student for this housing.


  • Transient Housing – An assigned bed for the duration of an academic term (fall, spring, summer); a key is issued to the student and returned at the end of the assignment.
  • On-call Housing – A bed assigned for brief, occasional visits; the key is issued for the duration of the visit only; On-call housing is not intended for students who need housing on a weekly basis.
  • Institution of Residence – This is the institution (MIT or WHOI) where the student’s principle advisor and laboratory are located.
  • Summer Rent Assistance – The Joint Program pays rent to the WHOI Housing Office for a student who is resident at MIT, paying rent in the Cambridge area, and demonstrates the need for housing at WHOI during the summer.

It is typical during the first year or two in the Joint Program for students to take courses at MIT.  During this time, students are expected to live in the Cambridge area.  These students, upon showing proof of rent obligation (copy of Cambridge area lease), are eligible for free transient housing or on-call housing at WHOI.  Students who are not paying rent elsewhere must pay for WHOI housing at current rates.

When students are no longer taking classes full time, they are expected to reside where their advisor/lab is located and to obtain housing in the local community.  Students based at MIT may use free on-call housing at WHOI, and students based at WHOI may use the MIT apartment for JP students for short stays (one or two nights) at no cost.

As registered students in the Joint Program, those who choose to live in an area away from their institution of residence at any time do so knowing that WHOI housing will be available for them only at current rates.  These students will not be reimbursed for travel between their homes and their institution of residence.  These students are also not eligible for summer rent assistance.

If this transient housing policy creates a hardship, students may request an exception. Directions may be found here