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Childbirth Accommodation Policy


Please review MIT’s Childbirth Accommodation and Parental Leave.

Please review the “Process” section in the link above. The completed form should be filed with Tricia Nesti (, MIT Program Administrator for the Joint Program.


For the approved period of accommodation, students supported by a WHOI GRA or fellowship appointment will receive a salary that is paid from Academic Programs funds. For GRA appointments, the Academic Programs funds payment will replace the tuition and salary normally distributed from the GRA account.

Students who are supported by fellowships external to WHOI and whose funding supplement comes from WHOI are expected to adhere to rules and regulations of the granting agency with respect to leaves from academic and research work. The Associate Dean can assist in discussions with outside providers (for example, the NSF GRFP and DoD, NDSEG programs, among others). If the providing agency requires suspension of fellowship benefits during the Childbirth Accommodation period, and appropriate documentation is submitted to the Academic Programs Office, the student will be eligible for substitute payment from Academic Programs funds.