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Welcome Aboard Package

Information for Navy Joint Program Students

Information includes military housing options  near Woods Hole and MIT, medical options for TRICARE PRIME and service members, and study prep recommendations.

Summer Math Refresher

This non-credit course taught at WHOI by current Joint Program studnts is a review of mathematical methods that are commonly used in oceanography and engineering. Mathematical methods and techniques commonly encountered by first-year students in the Joint Program will be covered. Each session focuses on a specific topic, and it is expected that students will choose to attend the sessions that are most relevant to their course selections and research. Below is a sample of topics that will likely be reviewed.


Linear Algebra

Common Derivatives and Integrals

Complex Numbers

MATLAB Bootcamp Exercises


Partial Differential Equations (PDEs)

Signal Processing and Time Series Analysis

Non-Homogenous PDE

Ordinary Differential Equations

Probability Statistics

Quasi-Linear PDEs

Projects in MATLAB

Scaling and Nondemensionalization

Trig Cheat Sheet

Concepts in Programming Expounded via MATLAB

Math Review Resources