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Recent Dissertations and Theses


Insights from Geodynamic Models Into Ice flow, Mantle Magmatism, and Their Interactions
Fiona Clerc, Ph.D., 2023
Mark Behn, Co-Advisor
Brent Minchew, Co-Advisor

Mass Transfer and Chemical Interactions in Sunduction Zones
Emmanuel Avila Codillo, Ph.D., 2023
Veronique Le Roux, Co-Advisor
Frieder Klein, Co-Advisor


An inverse modeling approach to investigate deep ocean ventilation from radiocarbon records
Faith Duffy, S.M., 2022
Olivier Marchal, Advisor

Coastal Evolution on Earth and Titan
Rose Palermo, Ph.D., 2022
Andrew Ashton, Co-Advisor
Taylor Perron, Co-Advisor

Questions and Clarity: Insights from Applying Computational Methods to Paleoclimate Archives
Michaela Fendrock, Ph.D., 2022
David McGee,Co-Advisor
Alan Condron, Co-Advisor


Inferring the Thermomechanical State of the Lithosphere Using Geophysical and Geochemical Observables
William Shinevar, Ph.D., 2021
Oliver Jagoutz, Co-Advisor
Mark Behn, Co-Advisor

The Heterogeneity and Volatile Content of Earth’s Mantle, Magmas and Crust
Benjamin Urann, Ph.D., 2021
Veronique Le Roux, Co-Advisor
Henry Dick, Co-Advisor

Structure and Mechanics of the Subducted Gorda Plate: Constrained by Afterslip Simulations and Scattered Seismic Waves
Jianhua Gong, Ph.D., 2021
Jeff McGuire, Co-Advisor
Daniel Lizarralde, Co-Advisor

Coral Reefs in the Anthropocene Ocean: Novel Insights from Skeletal Proxies of Climate Change, Impacts, and Resilience
Nathaniel Mollica, Ph.D., 2021
Anne Cohen, Co-Advisor
Weifu Guo, Co-Advisor


Investigating Mexican Paleoclimate with Precisely Dated Speleothems
Gabriela Serrato Marks, Ph.D., 2020
David McGee, Advisor

High Resolution Sedimentary Archives of Past Millennium Hurricane Activity in the Bahama Archipelago
Elizabeth Wallace, Ph.D., 2020
Jeffrey Donnelly, Advisor

U-Th Dating of Lacustrine Carbonates

Christine Chen, Ph.D., 2020
David McGee, Advisor


Wave-Driven Geomorphology of Pacific Carbonate Coastlines: From landscape to Wavelength Scale
James Bramante, Ph.D., 2019
Jeffrey Donnelly, Advisor

Greenlandic Ice Archives of North Atlantic Common Era Climate
Matthew Osman, Ph.D., 2019
Sarah Das, Advisor

Seismic and Numerical Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Oceanic Lithosphere
Hannah Mark, Ph.D., 2019
Daniel Lizarralde, Advisor

Reconstructing Atmospheric Changes in Monsoon Regions Using Eolian Dust
Christopher Kinsely, Ph.D., 2019
David McGee, Advisor

Geophysical and Geochemical Contraints on Submarine Volcanic Processes

Max Jones, Ph.D., 2019
S. Adam Soule, Advisor

Storm Signatures in Coastal Ponds and Marshes Over the Late Holocene

Katherine Castagno, Ph.D.,2019
Jeffrey Donnelly, Advisor


Water and Volatile Element Accretion to the Inner Planets

Adam Sarafian, Ph.D., 2018
Sune Nielsen, Co-Advisor
Horst Marschall, Co-Advisor


Influence of Meltwater on Greenland Ice Sheet Dynamics

Laura Stevens, Ph.D., 2017
Sarah Das, Advisor

Geophysical and Petrological Constraints on Ocean Plate Dynamics

Emily Sarafian, Ph.D., 2017
Rob Evans, Co-Advisor
Glenn Gaetanni, Co-Advisor

Trace Element Proxies and Mineral Indicators of Hydrothermal Fluid Composition and Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposit Formation Processes

Guy Evans, Ph.D., 2017
Margaret Tivey, Advisor

Reconstructing Deglacial Ocean Ventilation Using Radiocarbon: Data and Inverse Modeling

Ning Zhao, Ph.D., 2017
Lloyd Keigwin, Advisor

Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints on the Evolution of Oceanic Lithosphere From Formation to Subduction

Gregory Horning, Ph.D., 2017
Juan Pablo Canales, Co-Advisor
Robert Sohn, Co-Advisor

Coral Biomineralization, Climate Proxies and the Sensitivity of Coral Reefs to CO2-Driven Climate Change

Thomas DeCarlo, Ph.D., 2017
Anne Cohen, Advisor


A Scientific Framework for Evaluating Coral Reef Resilience to Climate Change

Hannah Barkley, Ph.D., 2016
Anne Cohen, Advisor

Little Ice Age Climate in the Western Tropical Atlantic Inferred from Coral Geochemical Proxies

Alice Alpert, Ph.D., 2016
Delia Oppo Co-advisor
Anne Cohen, Co-advisor

Seismic Constraints on the Processes and Consequences of Secondary Igneous Evolution of Pacific Oceanic Lithosphere

Helen Feng, Ph.D., 2016
Dan Lizarralde, Advisor

Plan-View Evolution of Wave-Dominated Deltas

Jaap Nienhuis, Ph.D., 2016
Andrew Ashton, Advisor

Chemical, Isotopic, and Temporal Variations during Crustal Differentiation: Insights from the Dariv Igneous Complex, Western Mongolia

Claire Bucholz, Ph.D., 2016
Oliver Jagoutz


Investigating the Evolution and Formation of Coastlines and the Response to Sea-Level Rise

Alejandra Ortiz, Ph.D., 2015
Andrew Ashton, Advisor

Mechanical and Geological Controls on the Long-Term Evolution of Normal Faults

Jean-Arthur Olive, Ph.D., 2015
Mark Behn, Advisor

Exploring the Climate Change Refugia Potential of Equatorial Pacific Coral Reefs

Elizabeth Joan Drenkard, Ph.D., 2015
Anne Cohen, Co-advisor
Daniel McCorkle, Co-advisor
Kristopher Karnauskas, Co-advisor

Lithospheric Dynamics of Earth's Subduction Zones and Martian Tectonic Provinces

Min Ding, Ph.D., 2015
Jian Lin, Advisor


Quaternary Morphology and Paleoenvironmental Records of Carbonate Islands

Michael Toomey, Ph.D., 2014
Jeffrey Donnelly, Advisor

Amundsen Sea Sea-Ice Variability, Atmospheric Circulation, and Spatial Variations in Snow Isotopic Composition from New West Antarctic Firn Cores

Alison Criscitiello, Ph.D., 2014
Sarah Das, Advisor


Evolution of Oceanic Margins: Rifting in the Gulf of California and Sediment Diapirism and Mantle Hydration During Subduction

Nathaniel Miller, Ph.D., 2013
Daniel Lizarralde, Advisor

Deep Explosive Volcanism on the Gakkel Ridge and Seismological Constraints on Ahallow Recharge at TAG Active Mound

Claire Pontbriand, Ph.D., 2013
Robert Sohn & S. Adam Soule, Advisors

Climate Controls on Coral Growth in the Caribbean

Sara Bosshart, S.M., 2013
Delia Oppo & Anne Cohen, Advisors

The CAFE Experiment: A Joint Seismic and MT Investigation of the Cascadia Subduction System

Shane McGary, Ph.D., 2013
Robert Evans, Advisor


Investigation of the Effect of a Circular Patch of Vegetation on Turbulence Generation and Sediment Deposition Using Four Case Studies

Alejandra Ortiz, S.M., 2012
Heidi Nepf, Advisor

Advanced Geophysical Studies of Accretion of Oceanic Lithosphere in Mid-Ocean Ridges Characterized by Contrasting Tectono-Magmatic Settings

Min Xu, Ph.D., 2012
Juan Pablo Canales, Advisor

Earthquake Behavior and Structure of Oceanic Transform Faults

Emily Roland, Ph.D., 2012
Jeffrey McGuire, Advisor

Aridification of the Indian Subcontinent During the Holocene: Implications for Landscape Evolution, Sedimentation, Carbon Cycle and Human Civilizations

Camilo Ponton, Ph.D., 2012
Timothy Eglinton and Liviu Giosan, Advisors

Determining Timescales of Natural Carbonation of Peridotite in the Samail Ophiolite, Sultanate of Oman

Evelyn Mervine, Ph.D., 2012
Susan Humphris and Kenneth Sims, Advisors

The Centennial and Millennial Variability of the IndoPacific Warm Pool and the Indonesian Throughflow

Fern Gibbons, Ph.D., 2012
Delia Oppo, Advisor

Constraining Circulation Changes Through the Last Deglaciation with Deep-sea Coral Radiocarbon and Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th

Andrea Burke, Ph.D., 2012
Laura Robinson and Olivier Marchal, Advisors

Hydrological and Biogeochemical Cycling Along the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin

Maya Bhatia, Ph.D., 2012
Sarah Das and Elizabeth Kujawinski, Advisors


Quantifying Overwash Flux in Barrier Systems: An Example from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA

Emily Carruthers, S.M., 2011
Jeffrey Donnelly, Andrew Ashton, and Robert Evans, Advisors

Late Holocene Hurricane Activity and Climate Variability in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

D. Philip Lane, Ph.D., 2011
Jeffrey Donnelly and Kerry Emanuel, Advisors

Experimental Studies of Melting and Crystallization Processes in Planetary Interiors

Michael Krawczynski, Ph.D., 2011
Timothy Grove, Advisor


Syn-eruptive Degassing of a Single Submarine Lava Flow: Constraints on MORB CO2 Variability, Vesiculation, and Eruption Dynamics

Dorene Samantha Nakata, S.M.
S. Adam Soule, Advisor

Temporal and Petrogenetic Constraints on Volcanic Accretionary Processes at 9-10 Degrees North East Pacific Rise

Christopher L. Waters, Ph.D., 2010
Kenneth W. Sims, University of Wyoming, and Maurice Tivey, Advisors

Controls on Earthquake Rupture and Triggering Mechanisms in Subduction Zones

Andrea Llenos, Ph.D., 2010,
Jeffrey McGuire, Advisor

Coral Calcifications Insights from Inorganic Experiments and Coral Responses to Environmental Variables

Michael C. Holcomb, Ph.D., 2010
Anne Cohen and Daniel McCorkle, Advisors


Basalt Petrogenesis Beneath Slow and Ultraslow-Spreading Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridges

Lynne Elkins, Ph.D., 2009
Kenneth Sims, Advisor

Uranium-Series Radionuclide Records of Paleoceanographic and Sedimentary Changes in the Arctic Ocean

Sharon Hoffmann, Ph.D., 2009
Jerry McManus, Advisor

Tropical Cyclones Within the Sedimentary Record: Analyzing Overwash Deposition from Event to Millenial Timescales

Jonathan Woodruff, Ph.D., 2009
Jeffrey Donnelly, Advisor

Low-Latitude Western North Atlantic Climate Variability During the Past Millennium: Insights from Proxies and Models

Casey P. Saenger, Ph.D., 2009
Delia Oppo, Co-Advisor; Anne Cohen, Co-Advisor