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J. Seward Johnson Chairs in Oceanography (Education Coordinator)

Job Description

A major function of these Chairs is to strengthen the departmental education efforts in the various disciplines, and to provide continuity in the programs within each department.


Education Coordinators

Neel Aluru   Biology Department Representative
Colleen Hansel   Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Department Representative
Andrew Ashton   Geology & Geophysics Department Representative
Julien Bonnel   Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Department Representative
Geoffrey 'Jake' Gebbie   Physical Oceanography Department Representative


Nomination Criteria & Procedures

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Human Resources Office
Personnel Practices and Procedures Manual

Criteria & Procedure for Nomination of the Seward Johnson Chairs in Oceanography

I. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has established five chairs which will be primarily for the purpose of advancing the graduate educational programs within the Institution. The graduate programs in oceanography were a major interest of Seward Johnson's and these chairs will continue his interests and recognize his support for graduate education in oceanography in Woods Hole.

II. A major function of these chairs will be to strengthen the departmental education efforts in the various disciplines, to provide continuity in the programs within each department and to give recognition to individuals who are making outstanding contributions to the Education Program.

III. Each chair will be awarded for three years with a possible single renewal for a further three years. The support from the chair will provide four months' salary support per year. It is expected that each chair holder will devote three months per year in general departmental coordination and long-term planning of the education program. Where appropriate, up to one month's salary per year may be set aside (banked) for later use. All funds set aside must be used within four years after the conclusion of the appointment(s). Exceptions to this provision must be approved in writing by the Vice President for Academic Programs/Dean. Funds remaining at termination of employment or retirement, will be forfeited.

IV. The process for awarding a holder for each chair will be as follows:

A. Each Department Chairman in consultation with the Dean will nominate a person from the Department to occupy a chair. The process of selection within each Department will involve consultation by the Department Chair with Scientific Staff and Senior Technical Staff who are members of Education Assembly, and MIT/WHOI Joint Program and WHOI graduate students affiliated with the department.

B. The nominee from each Department will require approval by the Director.

Revision #3
December 4, 2001
Should you require assistance in the interpretation of this procedure, please contact Christine Charette in the Academic Programs Office.