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Academic Governance

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Committee

The responsibility of the MIT-WHOI Joint Program Committee is to provide advice and faculty governance in all aspects of the MIT-WHOI Joint Program.

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Curriculum Committees

The curriculum Joint Committees are responsible for the oversight of all academic aspects of the Joint Program in their disciplinary area, effective interactions with other disciplinary Joint Committees in the case of students and faculty with interdisciplinary interests.

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Admissions Advisory Committee

The Admissions Advisory Committee provides advice to the WHOI representatives on the MIT-WHOI Joint Program Committees (e.g. JCAOSE, JCBO, JCCO, JCMG&G, and JCPO) , the WHOI Associate Dean and WHOI Vice President for Academic Programs/Dean with respect to qualifications of applicants for admission to the MIT-WHOI Joint Program.

J. Seward Johnson Chairs in Oceanography (Education Coordinator)

A major function of these Chairs is to strengthen the departmental education efforts in the various disciplines, and to provide continuity in the programs within each department.

MIT-WHOI Joint Program External Review Reports

Reports from the External Review Committee on the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography and Applied Ocean Science and Engineering.