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1000 degrees

The theme of the 2016 graduate reception was “The MIT-WHOI Joint Program is HOT… 1000 degrees!” The MIT-WHOI Joint Program celebrated its 1000th degree at a graduate reception in Woods Hole on June 1, 2016. The recipient of the 1000th degree was Rebecca Jackson, who earned her doctorate in Physical Oceanography.

Becca Jackson, 1000th Joint Program degree recipient, and Frank Bohlen, first Joint Program degree recipient
Members of the 2015-16 graduating class present at the WHOI graduate reception on June 1: (L-R) Melissa Moulton, Mara Orsecanin, Helen Feng, Bethanie Edwards, Harriet Alexander, Rene Boiteau, Becca Jackson, Sophia Merrifield, Ben Linhoff