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Visitor Information

Visits are not required for application or admission to the program. If you are interested in seeing whether it is possible to visit and meet briefly with specific Joint Program faculty members, please contact them directly. You are encouraged to state your research interests, include your CV, unofficial transcript, dates of your availability, and any time constraints in your email. Please copy the relevant Education Coordinator(s) for your discipline(s) of interest in your email.

Given schedules and numbers of requests, faculty members may not have the time for such visits. Most offices and labs at MIT and WHOI are not open to the public, so you can see below for general tour information for both institutions. However, self-guided and guided tours of MIT are available to the general public without a reservation.

The two offices are approximately 80 miles from each other and approximately one and one-half hours apart by automobile or bus. The bus line that travels from Boston to Woods Hole is Peter Pan Bus Lines.

If you have any questions regarding admission to the Joint Program that aren't addressed on our site, please email the Joint Program.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Joint Program Administrator
MIT-WHOI Joint Program Office
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building 54-812
Cambridge, MA  02139
(617) 253-7544

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

Graduate Admissions & Student Affairs Officer
WHOI Academic Programs Office
360 Woods Hole Road, MS 31
Woods Hole, MA  02543
(508) 289-2225

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