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Alec Bogdanoff

Alec received his doctoral degree in Physical Oceanography in February 2017 under the supervision of Drs. Tom Farrar and Carol Anne Clayson. His thesis title is: Physics of Diurnal Warm Layers: Turbulence, Internal Waves, and Lateral Mixing

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • Alec was committed to improving the lives of JP students during his time in the Joint Program.
  • He was always happy to talk and made sure to reach out beyond his department to make friends and meet new students.
  • He improved student life by making WHOI a welcoming environment for those in the LGBTQ community, for example by distributing rainbow “You are welcome here” stickers.
  • He was also one of the JP reps who worked on securing the ODGE grant that secured a lump-sum funding from MIT to support JP students’ activities annually to this day.