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Abigail Heithoff

2011 Recipient

Biological Oceanography
Thesis title:  N2 fixation by subsurface populations of Trichodesmium: An important source of new nitrogen to the North Atlantic Ocean
Advisor:  Dr. Sonya Dyhrman, WHOI

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • She has a great sense of humor, inviting personality, and is a great chef - we will miss her dearly.
  • When anyone needs help, she is the first to volunteer. She has been there to quietly help out her fellow students. She has a kind word and a smile ready for anyone, and we've been lucky to have her around.
  • She's been active in many joint program events and is also very involved within the Woods Hole community. I think many would agree that Abby has been a great influence in the program and it will not be the same without her. She's always someone you can go talk to or ask for help.
  • Abby is one of the most outgoing, cheery, and friendly graduate students in our class. She's now acting as an outreach rep at WHOI, which is a great path for such a community-oriented person, and will allow her to continue improving Woods Hole at large as much as she did for the program as a graduate student.
2011 Recipient, Abigail Heithoff. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, WHOI)