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Kristina Dahl

2006 Recipient
Geology & Geophysics
Thesis Title: Tropical Climate Variability from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Present
Advisor:  Dr. Delia Oppo, WHOI

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • "I served on the Women's Committee with Kristy in 2004-2005.  I was immediately struck by how committed Kristy was to her fellow students - always guiding us to consider the stduents' viewpoint.  ...Kristy never lost sight of the fact that she was on the Committee to represent students."
  • "(Kristy) was a student rep and served two years on the Women's Committe.  She ran a yoga class at WHOI that provided an opportunity to learn yoga and relieve stress in a friendly environment.  She frequently brought people together for delicious feasts, and helped organize much-needed social events.  Kristy had a positive influence on the Joint Program with her contagious warmth, generosity, and health attitude about life."
  • "Kristy served a two year term as student representative to the Women's Committee.  The student representative has an enormous responsibility to bring issues to the committee that are of particular concern to students.  Kristy took this responsibility seriously and we had full confidence in her sense of dedication to her fellow students."
  • "Her commitment to improving the graduate education experience at WHOI is evident beyond these 3 years of committee experience and she was a teaching assistant in the MG&G department in Fall 2003 and gave lectures in the Marine Geology and Geophysics course in Fall 2003 and 2004...."
  • "It is a wonder that Kristy had time for anything else, but one of her perhaps lesser known qualities was her great baking ability.  Dissatisfied with the biscotti accompanying her coffee at the local Coffee Obsession, Kristy... developed 2 flavors of "k-girl" biscotti which were sold at Coffee Obsession for the last 2-3 years of her tenure at graduate school.
  • I strongly believe that Kristy's commitment to helping joint program students' brains with her teaching, braun with her yoga and finally stomach with her biscotti make her a very deserving recipient of this year's Panteleyev award.