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Carolyn Buchwald

Carly received her doctoral degree in Chemical Oceanography in February 2013 under the supervision of Dr. Mak Saito, WHOI and Dr. Karen Casciotti, Standford. Her thesis title is: Nitrogen Cycling in Oxygen Deficient Zones: Insights from δ15N and δ18O of Nitrite and Nitrate.

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • As a social-coordinator and as a student rep, she really enlivened the JP student experience!
  • She helped coordinate buffins, kayaks, a great JP retreat, the JP gym, Sunday football for years, and has always been a social force in the JP. She is also warm, friendly and welcoming to all.
  • She has contributed in many ways to improve the graduate student experience, both through work as a student rep and by being an enthusiastic and welcoming friend to many students of all years and disciplines in the program.
  • As a JP rep, she lead games to get new students to mingle during the retreat. She gave tips and advice to other student reps while planning student activities, even in the middle of the night or at the very last minute.
  • She has been extremely welcoming to new students, postdocs, and techs in the Woods Hole community. Through organizing social events and coordinating weekly football games, she has really helped bridge the gap between students and community members, which is something to be commended.
  • Recently started to talk about collaborative research and shared methods, and she's been more than happy to sit down with me and talk me through new ideas.  She even got one of her advisor's instruments shipped to WHOI for me - at the same time as her thesis defense - just so I could try it out before buying one.  This person has been at WHOI for many years, having started off as a summer fellow and she's very welcoming to new students and eager to make new friends.
  • She has been an energetic, cheerful community leader, was a Marine Chem TA, and her enthusiasm and excellent grasp of the material really helped motivate.
2013 Panteleyev Award recipient, Carly Buchwald. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)