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Joy Lapseritis

2007 Recipient
Biological Oceanography
Thesis Title:  Comparative Analyses of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Structure, Function and Evolution in Marine Mammals
Advisor:  Dr. Mark Hahn, WHOI

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • "Not only has she been a wonderful colleague, she has always defended the interests of JP students at various meetings and has never been afraid to speak her mind.  She has also been pro-active in many areas of interest to students, but mainly I always admire her belief that a successful career can be achieved while balancing a healthy family life."
  •  "...she was always involved in student issues, plus she just generally walked around with a smile for everyone."
  • "There are a number of people eligible this year for the Panteleyev award who contributed to the student experience at WHOI, and I am grateful to them all.  In my opinion, however, Joy Lapseritis made the most substantive and lasting contributions to graduate student life, primarily through her activities with the Work and Family Life Committee."
  • "I would like to nominate Joy Lapseritis for this year's Panteleyev Award, based on her effort to bring into existence the Childbirth Accommodation policy that the Joint Program now has for graduate students.....All along, Joy was working on behalf of the whole graduate student body and the result is a new Institutional policy that is now helping other women graduate stduents.  Joy also demonstrated, with great grace, that it is possible to be a graduate student and also maintain a balanced family life and a strong support group of fellow students."