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Rose received her doctoral degree in Marine Geology in September 2022 under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Ashton and Professor Taylor Perron. Her title is: Coastal Evolution on Earth and Titan.

Here is a summary from the nominations:

This year’s second recipient of the Pantelyev Award cares for and is passionate about advocating for her community on a system-wide and individual level. She is incredibly kind and thoughtful and sparks joy wherever she goes. She served as E-SAC president, E-SAC treasurer, and an at-large JP student representative, organizing fun events and working with department administration on student issues, while also holding various roles in other committees. In these roles, she fiercely advocated for students and put diversity, equity, and inclusion issues at the forefront of her work. In collaboration with other G&G students, she also compiled a revised and updated version of the JP G&G handbook so that future students could navigate the Ph.D. process with ease.