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Christina Hernández

Christina received her doctoral degree in Biological Oceanography in February 2021 under the supervision of Dr. Joel Llopiz. Her thesis title is: Distribution, Growth, and Transport of Larval Fishes and Implications for Population Dynamics

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • Nearly all nominators commented on the recipient’s significant contributions towards making WHOI a more inclusive environment. For example, Chrissy organized a widely attended CommnuiTea, served on the WHOI Workplace Climate Committee for several years and, as most succinctly stated by nominators “I can’t think of a DE&I committee or movement that Chrissy wasn’t involved in”, and “Chrissy’s activism and advocacy has left a huge mark on the Joint Program”.
  • Many noted that Chrissy’s community service and leadership extended well beyond WHOI and the JP. For example, Chrissy was a student rep for the Oceanography Society and was a founding member and President of the Society for Women in Marine Science, now a non-profit with many chapters. Within the JP and beyond, Chrissy always used their voice to raise awareness and lift up others.