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Jeffrey Kaeli

Jeff received his doctoral degree in Mechanical and Oceanographic Engineering in September 2013 under the supervision of Dr. Hanumant Singh. His thesis title is: Computational Strategies for Understanding Underwater Optical Image Datasets.

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • I've had the pleasure of knowing this person both as a graduate student in the Joint Program, and as technical staff.  This person has been an integral part of graduate student life, designing and hosting most of the social events that have taken place in Woods Hole over the last 7 years.  These events allow students a much needed chance to release stress and socialize, especially in the dreary winter months.  This person's enthusiasm for enhancing graduate student life at WHOI is unrivaled, and I can think of no better candidate for this award.
  • It could be easily said that this person "exemplifies commitment to improving graduate... experience," but that's not quite enough. For many of us, this person is and was our pivotal part of our lives here in Woods Hole, and has always been a force of social togetherness.
  • In addition to this person's time as a JP student rep, this person has committed so much time to spearheading fun JP student events on the weekends - from a yearly sojourn in Beebe woods, scavenger hunts, the Barn Olympics, community clean-up efforts, to pig roasts.  Every time I see him, this person always has a smile and a new plan for a get-together.  Thanks to his cheerful attitude and ambitious event planning, this person has made my 5 years here uniquely memorable.
  • I'd like to vote for Jeff Kaeli. He has been a key player in fostering a sense of community among joint program students and connection to the larger Woods Hole community through his coordinated social events and his inclusive attitude towards students across all stages of their graduate program.
Jeff Kaeli accepts the Panteleyev Award from Meg Tivey and Jim Yoder. (Photo by Jayne Doucette, WHOI)