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Melissa Moulton

Melissa received her doctoral degree in Physical Oceanography in June 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Steve Elgar. Her thesis title is: Hydrodynamic and Morphodynamic Responses to Surfzone Seafloor Perturbations

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • Melissa was a JP rep, TA, and was a friendly and welcoming individual throughout her years in the JP. She organized plant roast, the veggie burger cook-off with her now husband Dan, and held PorchFest, a day of door-to-door music in Woods Hole. She took part in athletics and could always be found on the tennis courts in the summer and the paddle tennis courts in winter. She worked hard to bridge some communication gaps between students and JCPO and was an advocate for students during this difficult time, while also being respectful of faculty members’ time.
  • Melissa has served as a JP rep, on the women's committee and has diplomatically advocated for PO students at winter meetings. Melissa has organized many beach trips, dinner parties and has gone to great lengths to make everyone feel welcome in the Joint Program community.
  • She deserves the award because of her work on the WHOI women's committee, her work as a JP representative, her work to improve the education experience for PO students, and also her tireless willingness to introduce new students to the WHOI lifestyle and include everyone in making the community a better place (through paddleball, food competitions, and always making new students welcome). I think her most lasting contribution will be her work to reform the PO experience since she was able to effect change in a tough situation. (Although the women's committee work to bring a breastfeeding station in the Redfield women's bathroom has also been much appreciated!)