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Jay Brett

Jay received her doctoral degree in Physical Oceanography in June 2018 under the supervision of Drs. Larry Pratt and Irina Rypina. Her thesis title is: Chaotic advection, mixing, and property exchange in three-dimensional ocean eddies and gyres

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • Jay has consistently worked to make PO student’s lives better.  Not only is she a great listener and friend, but is singular in her determination to improve the Joint Program.  She advocated for equitable treatment of the students and led an effort to follow up with alumni to create statistics of outcomes.
  • Jay has demonstrated unparalleled commitment to helping other students in the joint program. She not only has a clear vision for a more equitable and productive program, but also has time and again put in the hard work to realize that vision.
  • She was the PO student rep in her 3rd year, helped plan the paoc retreat for a few years, and also did a ton of work to set up/run the summer math review for incoming students. Through her time at WHOI she always tried hard to provide support (whether academically/emotionally/socially) to other students, which is often difficult when you personally have a lot on your own plate.
  • She was instrumental in re-writing the student handbook so that it was more clear, and as a JP Student Rep she worked with JCPO to establish a systematic method for conducting the PO Generals Exam. Having an advocate like that is important for empowering students and giving newer students the confidence to enact their own improvements.