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Greg Gerbi

2008 Recipient
Physical Oceanography
Thesis Title: Observations of Turbulent Fluxes and Turbulence Dynamics in the Ocean Surface Boundary Layer
Advisor: Dr. John Trowbridge, WHOI

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • "As a student representative Greg established SLUSSPO (Student LUnch Seminar Series in Physical Oceanography), which served as a wonderful platform for many of us for sharing our work and practice talks for the past four years. ..."
  • "I think that he has made a great effort to include and support the younger graduate students and to pass on the wisdom of veterans (particularly in PO), thereby significantly improving our graduate education experience."
  • "His unrelenting efforts to procure better support and services (in particular health care) for the whole JP student body.  His genuine concern for the well-being and hapiness of his fellow students.  His down-to-earth persona - which certainly help me realize there is more to life than study throughout the duration of these five or six years."
  • "I don't know him very well personally, but I know he has done a lot for the Joint Program as a rep, as being in charge of the John Farrington library, and especially with his battle with MIT healthcare.  I think he's someone all the students are familiar with on some level, whether he's just the friendly guy with the beard or the guy mysteriously mentioned in some JP-all emails."
  • "As you know, Greg recently defended his doctoral thesis.  His doctoral work was excellent.  He tackled an extremely difficult set of physics problems through analysis of a compllicated data set....He made excellent use of the expertise on his doctoral committee.  Largley as a result of Greg's ability to engage his colleagues, a small discussion group centered on air-sea interaction has formed and continues to meet regularly.  My understanding is that Greg is highly regarded as a friend and mentor by his fellow joint program students.   And I know from faculty that Greg's approach to and service on JCPO was noted and appreciated by the faculty."