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Payal Parekh

2003 Recipient
Chemical Oceanography
Thesis Title:  Decoupling of Iron and Phosphate in the Global Ocean
Advisor: Prof. John Marshall, MIT and  Prof. Ed Boyle, MIT

Some excerpts from nominations:

  • "I don't know (Payal) well, but she's one of the few JP students I can think of who has tried to get us involved in "real world" issues (relief efforts in India comes to mind).  I think it would be great to give the Panteleyev award to someone who is interested in fighting the all too common student apathy."
  • "...she is the best officemate!   She knows everyone, she is always smiling and enthusiastic; she organizes parties and EGSAC events."
  • "Payal was a great mentor and spent alot of time advising, encouraging and guiding new students.  She is also incredibly active in social and envrionmental groups and is constantly working for many admirable causes."
  • "I would like to nominate Payal Parekh for her amazing effort in the student body ranging from saving "the Dot" outside 54 to being a student rep and a GSC representative.  Unlike most six-year students, she has found time for others all the way up until the end, being the lead student on the incentive for more ergonomic workplaces for the students in 54....It should be noted that although she has been a resident at MIT for most of her time, she has found time to implement positive change for the students at WHOI as well.  No one.. is close when it comes to effort and commitment in improving the graduate education experience and graduate student life at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution."
2003 Panteleyev Award recipient Payal Parekh and her mother at the WHOI Graduate Reception on McKee Ballfield.