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WHOI Ocean Ventures Fund Recipients

The intent of the Ocean Ventures Fund is to promote research and innovation by encouraging graduate students to take chances for their thesis research or for developing their thesis project.

OVF is open to all students in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering.  The research idea and the proposal text must come from the graduate student, not his/her supervisor.  The student is the Principal Investigator.

For further information, please contact the Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean.

Recent OVF recipients and their project titles

2016 Recipients

James Bramante
How does thickness control wave abrasion rates on coral reefs?

Camrin Braun
Mesoscale biophysical interactions drive large pelagic predators: a syntergistic analysis of shark behavior and satellite observations

Net Charoenpong
Concentration and natural abundance isotopic distribution of nitrogen species along the Repeat Hydrography Line I09N in the Indian Ocean

Emily Estes
Geochemical controls on organic carbon quantity and quality in the deep subsurface

Gabriela Farfan
Coral biomineralization and incorporation of trace metals and nutrients under changing ocean conditions

Jennifer Karolewski
Characterizing the diversity and contribution of fungi involved in nitrogen cycling of the coastal ocean

Lauren Kipp
Permafrost, river and groundwater inputs of trace elements and nutrients to the Mackenzie River estuary

Hanny Rivera
Can the corals keep up with climate change

Anna Wargula
Wind effects on the outer bank circulation cell at a curved inlet

James Bramante coring a tree.