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Oceanic Ambient Noise in the Arctic on the Chukchi Shelf: Broadband Characteristics and Environmental Drivers

Kathryn Fung, S.M., 2022
Julien Bonnel, Advisor

This thesis encompasses an analysis of underwater ambient noise collected by the yearlong
Canada Basin Acoustic Propagation Experiment (CANAPE) on the Chukchi Shelf
of the Arctic. This location contained the Beaufort Duct, a significant effect of climate
change on the Arctic’s underwater soundscape. A study of the statistical and probability
metrics was conducted on a frequency band of 50-1900 Hz to examine the relation
between environmental drivers and noise patterns. The presence of ice typically
decreases broadband ambient noise, when compared to ice-free seas. However, the
Beaufort Duct under ice increases the ambient noise levels below 1 kHz. The relationship
between ambient noise and the environment is further explored by studying the
link between distant ice movements and ambient levels Correlation between the two is
found to exist from 300-1500 Hz, as distant ( 500 km) ice drift motion appears to drive
noise levels at the receiver. [Work supported by the Office of Naval Research]