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A Study of Ocean Wave Statistical Properties Using Nonlinear, Directional, Phase-Resolved Ocean Wave-Field Simulations

Legena A. Henry, S.M., 2010
Dick K.P. Yue, Advisor

In the present work, we study the statistics of wave elds obtained from non-linear phase-resolved simulations. The numerical model used to generate the waves models wave-wave interactions based on the fully non-linear Zakharov equations. We vary the simulated wave eld's input spectral properties: directional spreading function, Phillips parameter and peak shape parameter. We then investigate the relationships between a wave eld's input spectral properties and its output physical properties via statistical analysis. We investigate surface elevation distribution, wave de nition methods in a nonlinear wave eld with a two-dimensional wavenumber, de ned waves' distributions, and the occurrence and spacing of large wave events.