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Detection, Classification and Localization of Underwater Mines Using a Virtual Time Reversal Mirror

Alexis Dumortier, S.M., 2009
Henrik Schmidt, Advisor

The work presented in this thesis addresses the problem of the detection, classification and localization of seabed objects in shallow water environments using a time reversal approach in a bistatic configuration. The waveguide is insonified at low frequency (∼kHz) with an ominidirectional source and the resulting scattered field is sampled by a receiving array towed behind an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The recorded signals are then processed to simulate onboard the AUV, the time reversed transmissions which serve to localize the origin of the scattered field on the seabed and estimate the position of the targets present. The clutter rejection based upon the analysis of the singular values of the Time Reversal operator is investigated with simulated data and field measurements collected off the coast of Palmaria (Italy) in January 2008.