MIT/WHOI Joint Program Administration & Support

The administration of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program is a cooperative effort between members of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Director of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program
Edward A. Boyle

Joint Program Administrator
Ronni Schwartz

Responsible for the day-to-day administration of the JP graduate program at MIT including:

  • JP car
  • JP chartered bus service
  • JP Sid-Pac apartment
  • Oversight of budget including processing reimbursements to faculty and students
  • Videoconferencing services

MIT/WHOI Joint Program Office
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building 54-820
Cambridge, MA  02139
(617) 253-7544

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

WHOI Vice President for Academic Programs and Dean
Dr. James A. Yoder

Associate Dean
Dr. Margaret K. Tivey

Housing Coordinator
Valerie Caron or

  • Computer loan payments (primary contact)
  • Dean’s calendar
  • Housing requests
  • MIT parking passes (primary contact)

Budget Manager
Christine S. Charette

  • Anytime Gym Fitness membership
  • Ocean Ventures Fund coordination
  • Tuition and stipend logistics

Graduate Admissions and Student Affairs Officer
Leanora Fraser

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club membership cardholder
  • Check-in and check-out appointments
  • MIT parking passes (backup contact)
  • Provide support in coordinating student events (e.g. arranging WHOI meeting services)
  • Room reservations and video links for thesis proposal defenses, committee meetings, thesis defenses, etc.
  • Sid-Pac apartment key holder (backup contact)
  • Student center maintenance
  • Student verification letters
  • Thesis defense notices and announcements
  • Thesis reproduction and distribution

Julia G. Westwater

  • Career seminars and workshops
  • Class scheduling and video links
  • Computer loan processing (backup contact)
  • Conference travel reimbursement
  • Grades
  • Health insurance
  • Registration
  • Transcripts
  • Travel reimbursement** for conferences and committee member travel

**For JP travel reimbursement for travel between MIT and WHOI, deliver voucher and receipts to the cubicle drop box in the Academic Programs Office.

WHOI Academic Programs Office
360 Woods Hole Road, MS 31
Clark 223
Woods Hole, MA  02543
(508) 289-2225