Recent Dissertations and Theses


The Influence of Heat Transport on Arctic Amplification

Laura Fleming, S.M., 2019,
Young-Oh Kwon, Advisor

Distributional Models of Ocean Carbon Export

Cael Barry, Ph.D., 2019
Michael Follows, Advisor


Chaotic Advection, Mixing, and Property Exchange in Three-Dimensional Ocean Eddies and Gyres

Genevieve Brett, Ph.D., 2018
Larry Pratt, Co-Advisor
Irina Rypina, Co-Advisor


Age of Air and the Circulation of the Stratosphere

Marianna Linz, Ph.D., 2017
Alan Plumb

Internal Hydraulic Jumps with Upstream Shear

Kelly Ogden, Ph.D., 2017
Karl Helfrich, Advisor

Dynamics of North Atlantic Western Boundary Currents

Isabela Le Bras, Ph.D., 2017
John Toole, Advisor

Physics of Diurnal Warm Layers: Turbulence, Internal Waves, and Lateral Mixing

Alec Bogdanoff, Ph.D., 2017
Tom Farrar, Co-Advisor
Carol Anne Clayson, Co-Advisor


Inferring Ocean Circulation During the Last Glacial Maximum and Last Deglaciation Using Data and Models

Daniel Amrhein, Ph.D., 2016
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

Mechanisms for Enhanced Turbulence in the Drake Passage Region of the Southern Ocean

Sophia Merrifield, Ph.D, 2016
Louis St. Laurent, and Breck Ownes, Co-advisors

Dynamics of Greenland’s Glacial Fjords

Rebeccca Jackson, Ph.D., 2016
Fiamma Straneo, Advisor

Vortices in Sinusoidal Shear, with Applications to Jupiter

Rohith Vilasur Swaminathan, S.M., 2016
Glenn Flierl, Advisor

Hydrodynamic and Morphodynamic Responses to Surfzone Seafloor Perturbations

Melissa Moulton, Ph.D., 2016
Steve Elgar, Advisor

Submesoscale Turbulence in the Upper Ocean

Jörn Callies, Ph.D., 2016
Raffaele Ferrari, Advisor


Hydrographic Structure of Overflow Water Passing Through the Denmark Strait

Dana Mastropole, S.M., 2015
Robert Pickart, Advisor

Strong Wind Events Across Greenland's Coast and their Influences on the Ice Sheet, Sea Ice, and Ocean

Marilena Oltmanns, Ph.D., 2015
Fiamma Straneo, Advisor


Buoyancy-Driven Circulation in the Red Sea

Ping Zhai, Ph.D., 2014
Amy Bower and Lawrence Pratt, Co-advisors

Investigating the Role of Trichodesmium spp. in the Oceanic Nitrogen Cycle Through Observations and Models

Elise Olson, Ph.D., 2014
Dennis McGillicuddy, Advisor

An Inverse Approach to Understanding Deglacial Benthic Oxygen Isotope Records from the Last Glaciation

Daniel Amrhein, S.M., 2014
Carl Wunsch, Advisor


Physical Controls on Copepod Aggregations in the Gulf of Maine

Nicholas Woods, Ph.D., 2013
David Fratantoni & Glenn Flierl, Advisors

Physical Influences on Phytoplankton Ecology: Models and Observations

Sophie Clayton, Ph.D., 2013
Mick Follows, Advisor

A Multi-Dimensional Spectral Description of Ocean Variability with Applications

Cimarron Wortham, Ph.D., 2013
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

Moored Observations of Shelfbreak Processes at the Inflow to and Outflow from the Arctic Ocean

Wilken-Jon von Appen, Ph.D., 2013
Robert Pickart, Advisor

The Production of Temperature and Salinity Variance and Covariance: Implications for Mixing

Julian Schanze, Ph.D., 2013
Raymond Schmitt, Advisor

Boundary Layer Dynamics and Deep Ocean Mixing in Mid-Atlantic Ridge Canyons

Rebecca Dell, Ph.D., 2013
Lawrence Pratt, Advisor

Energy Pathways and Structures of Oceanic Eddies in the ECCO2 State Estimate and Simplified Models

Ru Chen, Ph.D, 2013
Carl Wunsch, Advisor


Atlantic Ocean circulation at the Last Glacial Maximum: Inferences from data and models

Holly Dail, Ph.D., 2013
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

The Effects of Ocean Eddies on Tropical Cyclones

Alexander Miltenberger, S.M., 2012
Steven Jayne, Advisor

Ice Shelf-Ocean Interactions in a General Circulation Model: Melt-Rate Modulation Due to Mean Flow and Tidal Currents

Veronique Dansereau, S.M., 2012
Patrick Heimbach, Advisor

The Effect of Stratification on Wind-Driven, Cross-Shelf Circulation and Transport on the Inner Continental Shelf

Rachel Horwitz, Ph.D., 2012
Steven Lentz, Advisor


The Response of the Red Sea to a Strong Wind Jet Near the Tokar Gap in Summer

Ping Zhai, S.M., 2011
Amy Bower, Advisor

Instabilities of an Eastern Boundary Current with and without Large-scale Flow Influence

Jinbo Wang, Ph.D., 2011
Paola Rizzoli & Michael Spall, Advisors


Variability in the North Atlantic Deep Western Boundary Current: Upstream Causes and Downstream Effects as Observed at Line W

Beatriz Peña-Molino, Ph.D., 2010
Terry Joyce, Advisor

Abyssal Mixing from Bottom Boundary Effects in Mid-Atlantic Ridge Flank Canyons

Rebecca W. Dell, S.M., 2010
Lawrence Pratt, Advisor

Near-Inertial and Thermal Upper Ocean Response to Atmospheric Forcing in the North Atlantic Ocean

Katherine E. Silverthorne, Ph.D., 2010
John Toole, Advisor

The Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the West Greenland Current System in the Labrador Sea

Tatiana Rykova, Ph.D., 2010
Fiamma Straneo, Advisor

Linear and Nonlinear Stratified Spindown over Sloping Topography

Jessica A. Benthuysen, Ph.D., 2010
Leif Thomas, Stanford University, and Steven Lentz, Advisors

Circulation and Convection in the Irminger Sea

Kjetil Våge, Ph.D., 2010
Robert Pickart, Advisor


Radiation and Dissipation of Internal Waves Generated by Geostrophic Motions Impinging on Small-Scale Topography

Maxim Nikurashin, Ph.D., 2009
Raffaele Ferrari, Advisor

Eddy-Mean Flow Interactions in Western Boundary Current Jets

Stephanie Waterman, Ph.D., 2009
Steven Jayne, Advisor

Comparison of Wind Stress Algorithims, Datasets and Oceanic Power Input

Shaoyu Yuan, S.M., 2009
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

Slope/Shelf Circulation and Cross-Slope/Shelf Transport Out of a Bay Driven by Eddies from the Open Ocean

Yu Zhang, Ph.D., 2009
Joseph Pedlosky, Glenn Flierl, Advisors

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Tide-Induced Salt Flux in a Partially Mixed Estuary

Patricia Engel, Ph.D., 2009
W. Rockwell Geyer, Advisor


Dynamics of Marine Zooplankton: Social Behavior, Ecological Interactions and Physically-Induced Variability

Ariane Verdy, Ph.D., 2008
Glenn Flierl, Advisor

The East Greenland Coastal Current: Its Structure, Variability and Large-Scale Impact

David Sutherland, Ph.D., 2008
Robert Pickart, Advisor

Turbulent Convection in an Anelastic Rotating Sphere: A Model for the Circulation on Gas Giant Planets

Yohai Kaspi, Ph.D., 2008
Glenn Flierl, Advisor

Observations of Turbulent Fluxes and Turbulence Dynamics in the Ocean Surface Boundary Layer

Gregory Gerbi, Ph.D., 2008
John Trowbridge, Advisor

Arctic Ocean Circulation in an Idealized Numerical Model

Peter Sugimura, S.M., 2008
Peter Winsor, Advisor

The Southern Ocean Meridional Overturning Circulation as Diagnosed from an Eddy Permitting State Estimate

Matthew Mazloff, Ph.D., 2008
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

On the Warm Bias Along the South-West African Coast in Coupled Models: An Oceanic Perspective

Jinbo Wang, S.M., 2008
Paola Rizzoli, Advisor

Two Responses of a Uniformly Stratified Flow over a Sloping Bottom to a Spatially Varying Downwelling Favorable Wind

Evgeny Logvinov, S.M., 2008
Joseph Pedlosky, Advisor


Air-Sea Interaction at Contrasting Sites in the Eastern Tropical Pacific: Mesoscale Variability and Atmospheric Convection at 10°N

J. Thomas Farrar, Ph.D., 2007
Robert Weller, Advisor

The Interaction of Two Coastal Plumes and its Effect on the Transport of Alexandrium Fundyense

Christie Wood, S.M., 2007
Glenn Flierl, Advisor

Ocean Circulation and Dynamics on the West Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf

Carlos Moffat-Varas, Ph.D., 2007
Robert Beardsley, W. Brechner Owens, Advisors

Cross-Shelf Circulation and Momentum and Heat Balances over the Inner Continental Shelf Near Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Melanie Fewings, Ph.D., 2007
Steve Lentz, Advisor


Influence of Circulation on Temperature and Zooplankton Variability in the Southern Ocean

Ariane Verdy, S.M., 2006
Glenn Flierl, Advisor

Winter Mixed-Layer Development in the Central Irminger Sea: The Effect of Strong, Intermittent Wind Events

Kjetil Vaage, Ph.D., 2006
Robert Pickart, Advisor

Evolution of the Irminger Current Anticyclones in the Labrador Sea from Hydrographic Data

Tatiana Rykova, S.M., 2006
Fiamma Straneo, Advisor

Production and Analysis of a Southern Ocean State Estimate

Matthew R. Mazloff, S.M., 2006
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

Infragravity Waves Over Topography: Generation, Dissipation, and Reflection

James Thomson, Ph.D., 2006
Steve Elgar, Advisor

Overflows and Upper Ocean Interaction: A Mechanism for the Azores Current

Shinichiro Kida, Ph.D., 2006
Jiayan Yang, Jim Price, Advisors

Wind, Sea Ice, Inertial Oscillations and Upper Ocean Mixing in Marguerite Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula: Observations and Modeling

Jason Hyatt, Ph.D., 2006
Robert Beardsley, W. Brechner Owens, Advisors


Temperature and Salinity Variability in Thermohaline Staircase Layers

David Stuebe, S.M., 2005
Ray Schmitt, Advisor


Subduction in an Eddy-Resolving State Estimate of the Northeast Atlantic Ocean

Geoffrey Gebbie, Ph.D., 2004
Carl Wunsch, Advisor


A Laboratory Study of Localized Boundary Mixing in a Rotating Stratified Fluid

Judith Wells, Ph.D., 2003
Karl Helfrich, Advisor

Shelf Currents, Ice and Wind: A Numerical Modeling Study

Sarah Russell, Ph.D., 2003
W. Brechner Owens, Paola Rizzoli, Advisors

Constraining the North Atlantic Circulation with Transient Tracer Observations

Xingwen Li, Ph.D. 2003
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

Eddies and Friction: Removal of Vorticity from the Wind-Driven Gyre

Baylor Fox-Kemper, Ph.D., 2003
Joseph Pedlosky, Paola Rizzoli, Advisors

The Evolution of Upper Ocean Thermal Structure at 10°N, 125°W during 1997-1998

J. Thomas Farrar, Ph.D., 2003
Robert Weller, Advisor

Eddy Dynamics of ß Plumes

Shinichiro Kida, S.M., 2003
Jiayan Yang, James Price, Advisors


An Experimental Study on Mixing Induced by Gravity Currents on a Sloping Bottom in a Rotating Fluid

Mitchiro Ohiwa, S.M., 2002
John Whitehead, Advisor

Linear and Nonlinear Rossby Waves in Basins both with and without a Thin Meridional Barrier

Juli K. Atherton, S.M., 2002
Joseph Pedlosky, Advisor

On the Pathways of the Return Flow of the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the Tropical Atlantic

Markus Jochum, Ph.D., 2002
Paola Rizzoli, Advisor