Personal Vehicle

Private vehicle travel, with justification, will be reimbursed at $40 per round trip. 

Reimbursement for driving a private vehicle will be limited to one round trip per week unless there is justification for more frequent trips.

No reimbursement (for travel from MIT to WHOI) will be made for days the Joint Program bus runs.

Forms may be submitted at either MIT or WHOI but make sure to use the correct form for that institution.  WHOI Reimbursement forms must be submitted on a monthly basis to WHOI Academic Programs Office in Clark 223.  Submit the MIT reimbursement forms to the Joint Program Office in 54-820 (form available under Related Files and on the door of 54-820).

To encourage car-pooling, students will be reimbursed $10 for each Joint Program student who rides with them.  Fill out the car pool form (under Related Files) and submit at WHOI with your travel expense voucher.

New for 2015: Students who request reimbursement at WHOI and are not currently on WHOI payroll must complete an IRS Form W-9 (for US citizens) or an IRS Form W-8BEN (for non-US citizens) and submit it with the Travel Expense Voucher.  Accounts Payable will not process the TEV without these forms.  IRS Form W-8BEN instructions