WHOI Ocean Ventures Fund Recipients

Ann Allen
Getting there is half the fun:  An investigation of humpback whale navigation and orientation mechanisms

Amalia Aruda
Copepod host response to hitchhiking Vibrio bacteria

Meagan Eagle Gonneea
Coral-based proxies of tropical dydrology; method development, validation and application

David R. Griffith
Quantifying chlorinated estrogen inputs to Massachusetts Bay

Santiago Herrera
Evolutionary and population genomics of deep-sea octocorals:  new approaches to solve long-standing problems

Kristen Hunter-Cevera
Dynamics and diversity of coastal Synechococcus populations on the New England Shelf

Kathryn Kauffman
Diversity of vibriophage assemblages in the littoral zone

Benjamin Linhoff
Seasonal evolution of glacial meltwater routing beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet

Maya Yamato
Investigation of minke whale sound reception pathways using numerical simulations

Dan Rogers collects groundwater from

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Dan Rogers collects groundwater from the coastal aquifer at Waquoit Bay. Dan’s research examines the role of microbes in consuming and transforming nitrogen within the subterranean estuary, a mixing zone between fresh and salty groundwater that exists beneath many beaches along the coastline. This work has implications for how groundwater nutrient discharges are impacting the health of many populated coastal estuaries. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Chemical Oceanography Joint Program student Karin Lemkau holds a peice of a oil covered plate.