Joint Program Housing Policy

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MIT Housing

The MIT/WHOI Joint Program reserves a two bedroom, 4 person apartment in the Sidney-Pacific Graduate Residence at MIT.

The apartment can be reserved by any currently registered MIT/WHOI Joint Program student. No guests are allowed. Students have access to all of the facilities at Sidney-Pacific, and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as are the full-time residents of the building. It is strongly suggested to bring your own sheets and towels. The apartment can be used for short stays of 1-2 nights only. If the apartment is needed for longer stays, the student must contact the MIT Joint Program Office.

To use the apartment, students must first complete a license agreement (one time only) in which the responsibilities of the user(s) and the rules of the building are defined. The user must agree to these responsibilities and rules. There is also a notification formwe ask you to complete before each visit.

For more information, please feel free to contact jp-mithouse@mit.edu

How to get a key, after completing the Notification Form:  

If you are at WHOI and need a key from someone there, please contact: Net Charoenpong (cc_net@mit.edu), Tom DeCarlo (tdecarlo@mt.edu), or Julie van der Hoop (jvanderhoop@whoi.edu).  A key is available in the Academic Programs Office - contact Lea Fraser (lfraser@whoi.edu).

If you want to get a key at the MIT Joint Program Office, please contact: mspiggy@mit.edu, 617.253.7544

Alternatively, there is a key kept at the desk of Sidney-Pacific. To use this key, please contact Joshua Callahan, the desk captain (joshc@mit.edu). The Sidney-Pacific desk is staffed from 7:30am until midnight. The S-P key does not have an accompanying Access Card, so you will not have access to the building past midnight. If you need to do laundry while staying at Sidney-Pacific, check out this website for laundry room information.

There are only a limited number of keys. Keys MUST be returned to the person from whom borrowed.

WHOI Housing

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution owns residential properties in the Woods Hole/Falmouth community. The function of the Housing Office is to manage these residences for use by students and guests of the Institution.

Students can reserve space in accordance with the WHOI housing policy. MIT/WHOI Joint Program students are top priority throughout the year; others are accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Housing Office is located within WHOI's Academic Programs Office and can be reached at 508.289.2389 or housing@whoi.edu.