The MIT/WHOI Joint Program offers

Enrollment at two very different institutions


MIT in Cambridge, a vibrant and diverse city


WHOI in Woods Hole, a seaside village

Access to resources of both MIT and WHOI, such as:

mesocosm lab

WHOI Mesocosm Lab

MIT Isoprobe

MIT Isoprobe

core lab

WHOI Core Lab

Unprecedented access to the sea using ships and vehicles, such as:

Tioga and Atlantis

R/V Tioga & R/V Atlantis

HROV Nereus

HROV Nereus

R/V Knorr

R/V Knorr

And . . .

» Ability to take courses at MIT, WHOI and Harvard University
» Research within a field of study or interdisciplinary
» Five years of tuition and stipend support
» Funds to help attend meetings and support research
» An internationally recognized degree awarded by both institutions
» Alumni that include many of the world's scientific leaders in oceanography