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New MIT/WHOI Joint Program Web siteNovember 13, 2009

A New MIT/WHOI Joint Program Web site

Welcome to the newly designed MIT/WHOI Joint Program Web site! The new design features a navigation that is more user-friendly, linking you to a wealth of information.

Eric Montie in the labMay 18, 2009

Skip This Cocktail Party: Contaminants in Marine Mammals' Brains

The most extensive study of pollutants in marine mammals’ brains reveals that these animals are exposed to a hazardous cocktail of pesticides such as DDTs and PCBs, as well as emerging contaminants such as brominated flame retardants.
Source: Media Relations

Scientists Find Bacteria Thriving on a Feast of Seafloor RockMay 28, 2008

Scientists Find Bacteria Thriving on a Feast of Seafloor Rock

On the deep ocean floor, microbial life is feeding on fresh volcanic rock and flourishing with greater abundance than even the most optimistic scientists thought possible.
Source: Media Relations

May 18, 2007

B12 Is Also an Essential Vitamin for Marine Life

B12—an essential vitamin for land-dwelling animals, including humans—also turns out to be an essential ingredient for growing marine plants that are critical to the ocean food web and Earth’s climate, scientists have found.
Source: Media Relations

September 28, 2006

Digital Tags Provide Evidence that Narwhals May Produce Signature Vocalizations for Communication

Scientists have found preliminary evidence that narwhals, Arctic whales whose spiraled tusks gave rise to the myth of the unicorn, produce signature vocalizations that may facilitate individual recognition or their reunion with more distant group members.
Source: Media Relations

January 20, 2006

Magnetic Misfits: South Seeking Bacteria in the Northern Hemisphere

Magnetotactic bacteria orient themselves in the earth’s magnetic field much like living compass needles.  But an unusual bacterium in New England has been found doing just the opposite, a magnetic misfit of sorts.
Source: Media Relations

September 28, 2005

WHOI Holds Commencement Ceremonies as Part of 75th Anniversary Celebration

Thirty-four degrees awarded to MIT/WHOI Joint Program graduates in special Woods Hole ceremony.
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WHOI Establishes Award to Recognize Contributions of Navy Admiral, Oceanographer April 1, 2005

WHOI Establishes Award to Recognize Contributions of Navy Admiral, Oceanographer

A former Oceanographer of the Navy and Rear Admiral who headed Marine Operations at WHOI has been honored with the establishment of a fellowship, presented for the first time to an Navy student.
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