Recent Dissertations and Theses


An Inverse Approach to Understanding Deglacial Benthic Oxygen Isotope Records from the Last Glaciation

Daniel Amrhein, S.M., 2014
Carl Wunsch, Advisor

Quaternary Morphology and Paleoenvironmental Records of Carbonate Islands

Michael Toomey, Ph.D., 2014
Jeffrey Donnelly, Advisor

Amundsen Sea Sea-Ice Variability, Atmospheric Circulation, and Spatial Variations in Snow Isotopic Composition from New West Antarctic Firn Cores

Alison Criscitiello, Ph.D., 2014
Sarah Das, Advisor


Climate Controls on Coral Growth in the Caribbean

Sara Bosshart, S.M., 2013
Delia Oppo & Anne Cohen, Advisors

Variations in Coral Reef Net Community Calcification and Aragonite Saturation State on Local and Global Scales

Whitney Bernstein, Ph.D., 2013
Konrad Hughen, Advisor

Growth and Development of Larval Bay Scallops (Argopecten irradians) in Response to Early Exposure to High CO2

Meredith White, Ph.D., 2013
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor


Hydrological and Biogeochemical Cycling Along the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin

Maya Bhatia, Ph.D., 2012
Sarah Das and Elizabeth Kujawinski, Advisors

Aridification of the Indian Subcontinent During the Holocene: Implications for Landscape Evolution, Sedimentation, Carbon Cycle and Human Civilizations

Camilo Ponton, Ph.D., 2012
Timothy Eglinton and Liviu Giosan, Advisors

Constraining Circulation Changes Through the Last Deglaciation with Deep-sea Coral Radiocarbon and Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th

Andrea Burke, Ph.D., 2012
Laura Robinson and Olivier Marchal, Advisors

The Centennial and Millennial Variability of the IndoPacific Warm Pool and the Indonesian Throughflow

Fern Gibbons, Ph.D., 2012
Delia Oppo, Advisor


Lipid Biomarkers of Coral Stress: Calibration and Exploration

Jessie Kneeland, Ph.D., 2011
Konrad Hughen, Advisor

Late Holocene Hurricane Activity and Climate Variability in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

D. Philip Lane, Ph.D., 2011
Jeffrey Donnelly and Kerry Emanuel, Advisors


Understanding the Ocean Carbon and Sulfur Cycles in the Context of a Variable Ocean: A Study of Anthropogenic Carbon Storage and Dimethysulfide Production in the Atlantic Ocean

Naomi M. Levine, Ph.D., 2010
Scott Doney and Dierdre Toole, Advisors

Near-Inertial and Thermal Upper Ocean Response to Atmospheric Forcing in the North Atlantic Ocean

Katherine E. Silverthorne, Ph.D., 2010
John Toole, Advisor

The Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the West Greenland Current System in the Labrador Sea

Tatiana Rykova, Ph.D., 2010
Fiamma Straneo, Advisor

Coral Calcifications Insights from Inorganic Experiments and Coral Responses to Environmental Variables

Michael C. Holcomb, Ph.D., 2010
Anne Cohen and Daniel McCorkle, Co-Advisors


Uranium-Series Radionuclide Records of Paleoceanographic and Sedimentary Changes in the Arctic Ocean

Sharon Hoffmann, Ph.D., 2009
Jerry McManus, Advisor

Low-Latitude Western North Atlantic Climate Variability During the Past Millennium: Insights from Proxies and Models

Casey P. Saenger, Ph.D., 2009
Delia Oppo, Co-Advisor; Anne Cohen, Co-Advisor

Tropical Cyclones Within the Sedimentary Record: Analyzing Overwash Deposition from Event to Millenial Timescales

Jonathan Woodruff, Ph.D., 2009
Jeffrey Donnelly, Advisor