Recent Dissertations and Theses


Characterizing Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance, Prevalence, and Persistence in the Marine Environment

Megan May, Ph.D., 2019
Rebecca Gast, Advisor

Genetic Connectivity, Adaptation, and Phenotypic Plasticity of Corals and Anemones Under Thermal Stress

Hanny Rivera, Ph.D., 2019
Ann Tarrant, Advisor


Movements and Oceanographic Associations of Large Pelagic Fishes in the North Atlantic Ocean

Camrin Braun, Ph.D., 2018
Simon Thorrold, Advisor

Evolutionary Conservation and Characterization of The Metazoan Amino Acid Response

Maja Edenius, Ph.D., 2018
Malcolm Whitman, Co-Advisor
Mark Hahn, Co-Advisor


Trait-Based Modeling of Larval Dispersal in the Gulf Of Maine

Benjamin Jones, Ph.D., 2017
Rubao Ji, Advisor

Alexandrium catanella Cyst Dynamics in a Coastal Embayment: Temperature Dependence of Dormancy, Germination, and Bloom Initiation

Alexis Fischer, Ph.D., 2017
Donald Anderson, Advisor

Ciliate Micrograzer Dynamics of the New England Shelf

Emily Brownlee, Ph.D., 2017
Heidi Sosik, Advisor

Pteropod Shell Condition, Locomotion, and Long-term Population Trends in the Context of Ocean Acidification and Environmental Change

Alexander Bergan, Ph.D., 2017
Gareth Lawson, Advisor

Effects of Added Drag on Cetaceans: Fishing Gear Entanglement and External Tag Attachment

Julie van der Hoop, Ph.D., 2017
Michael Moore, Advisor

Coral Reef Soundscapes: Spatiotemporal Variability and Links to Species Assemblages

Maxwell Kaplan, Ph.D., 2017
Aran Mooney, Advisor

Spatiotemporal Population Genomics of Marine Species: Invasion, Expansion, and Connectivity

Eleanor Bors, Ph.D., 2017
Timothy Shank, Advisor


Microbial Cycling of Marine High Molecular Weight Dissolved Organic Matter

Oscar Sosa, Ph.D., 2016
Edward DeLong, Advisor

Behavioral Responses of Invertebrate Larvae to Water Column Cues

Jeanette Wheeler, Ph.D., 2016
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor

Defining the Ecological and Physiological Traits of Phytoplankton Across Marine Ecosystems

Harriet Alexander, Ph.D., 2016
Sonya Dyhrman and Elizabeth Kujawinski, Co-advisors

The Choreography of Belonging: Toothed Whale Spatial Cohesion and Acoustic Communication

Nicholas Macfarlane, Ph.D., 2016
Peter Tyack, Advisor


Evolutionary Demography of Structured Two-Sex Populations and Sex Ratios

Esther Shyu, Ph.D., 2015
Hal Caswell, Advisor

Evolutionary and Ecological Genomics in Deep-Sea Ogranisms

Santiago Herrera Monroy, Ph.D., 2015
Tim Shank, Advisor

Interactions Between Calanoid Copepod Hosts and Their Associated Microbiota

Amalia A. Almada, Ph.D., 2015
Ann Tarrant, Advisor


Population Dynamics and Diversity of Synechococcus on the New England Shelf

Kristen Hunter-Cevera, Ph.D., 2014
Heidi Sosik and Michael Neubert, Co-advisors

Demographics of Lytic Viral Infection in Coastal Ocean Vibrio

Kathryn Kauffman, Ph.D., 2014
Martin Polz, Advisor

Age, Movements, and Feeding Ecology of Northwest Atlantic White Sharks Estimated From Ecogeochemical Profiles in Vertebrae

Li Ling Hamady, Ph.D., 2014
Simon Thorrold, Advisor


Microbial Production and Consumption of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter

Jamie Becker, Ph.D., 2013
Daniel Repeta & Edward DeLong, Advisors

An Investigation of the Roles of Geomagnetic and Acoustic Cues in Whale Navigation and Orientation

Ann Allen, Ph.D., 2013
Peter Tyack, Advisor

Growth and Development of Larval Bay Scallops (Argopecten irradians) in Response to Early Exposure to High CO2

Meredith White, Ph.D., 2013
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor


The auditory system of the minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata): A Potential Fatty Sound Reception Pathway in a Mysticete Cetacean

Maya Yamato, Ph.D., 2012
Darlene Ketten, Advisor

Sands and Environmental Conditions Impact the Abundance and Persistence of the Fecal Indicator Bacteria Enterococcus at Recreational Beaches

Elizabeth Halliday, Ph.D., 2012
Rebecca Gast, Advisor


Species-Specific Patterns in Bivalve Larval Supply to a Coastal Embayment

Christine Mingione Thompson, Ph.D., 2011
Scott Gallager, Advisor

Modeling the Processes Affecting Larval Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) Survival on Georges Bank

Colleen Petrik, Ph.D., 2011
Cabell Davis, Advisor

Functional Connectivity of Coral Reef Fishes in a Tropical Seascape Assessed by Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analyses

Kelton McMahon, Ph.D., 2011
Simon Thorrold, Advisor

N2 Fixation by Subsurface Populations of Trichodesmium: An Important Source of New Nitrogen to the North Atlantic Ocean

Abigail Heithoff, S.M., 2011
Sonya Dyhrman, Advisor

Larval Ecology and Synchronous Reproduction of Two Crustacean Species: Semibalanus balanoides in New England, USA and Gecarcinus quadratus in Veraguas, Panama

Joanna Gyory, Ph.D., 2011
Jesus Pineda, Advisor

Reproductive Traits of Pioneer Gastropod Species Colonizing Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents After an Eruption

Skylar Bayer, M.S., 2011
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor

Molecular Insights into the Niche of Harmful Brown Tides

Louie Wurch, Ph.D., 2011
Sonya Dyhrman, Advisor

Life Cycle Studies of the Red Tide Dinoflagellate Species Complex Alexandrium tamarense

Michael Brosnahan, Ph.D., 2011
Donald Anderson, Advisor


On the Economic Optimality of Marine Reserves When Fishing Damages Habitat

Holly V. Moeller, S.M. 2010
Michael Neubert, Advisor

Biology and Potential Biogeochemical Impacts of Novel Predatory Flavobacteria

Erin C. Banning, Ph.D., 2010
Elizabeth Kujawinski and Karen Casciotti, Advisors

Form, Function and Flow in the Plankton: Jet Propulsion and Filtration by Pelagic Tunicates

Kelly Rakow Sutherland, Ph.D., 2010
Laurence Madin, Advisor

Phosphorus Physiology of the Marine Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium

Elizabeth D. Orchard, Ph.D., 2010
Sonya Dyhrman, Advisor

Ecology and Population Structure of Vibrionaceae in the Coastal Ocean

Sarah Pacocha Preheim, Ph.D., 2010
Martin Polz, Advisor


Iron Limitation and the Role of Siderophores in Marine Synechococcus

Adam R. Rivers, Ph.D., 2009
Sallie Chisholm, Advisor; Eric Webb, USC, Thesis Supervisor

Diversity of the Marine Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium: Characterization of the Woods Hole Culture Collection and Quantification of Field Populations

Annette Hynes, Ph.D., 2009
Scott Doney, John Waterbury, Advisors

Iron and Prochlorococcus

Anne W. Thompson, Ph.D., 2009
Sallie Chisholm and Mak Saito, Advisors

Biotic and Abiotic Interactions of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent-endemic Fish on the East Pacific Rise

Kate L. Buckman, Ph.D., 2009
Timothy Shank, Advisor


Estimating Phytoplankton Growth Rates from Compositional Data

Lorraine Thomas, S.M., 2008
Michael Neubert, Heidi Sosik, Advisors

Siderophore Production by Heterotrophic Bacterial Isolates from the Costa Rica Upwelling Dome

Whitney Krey, S.M., 2008
Mak Saito, Edward DeLong, Advisors

Construction and Phenotypic Screening of Mid-size Insert Marine Microbial Environmental Genomic Libraries

Jennifer Braff, S.M., 2008
Edward DeLong, Advisor

Orchestration: The Movement and Vocal Behavior of Free-Ranging Norwegian Killer Whales (Orcinus Orca)

Ari Shapiro, Ph.D., 2008
Peter Tyack, Advisor

Metapopulation dynamics of the softshell clam, Mya arenaria

Carly A. Strasser, Ph.D., 2008
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor

Functional Characterization and Expression of Molluscan Detoxification Enzymes and Transporters Involved in Dietary Allelochemical Resistance

Kristen E. Whalen, Ph.D., 2008
Mark Hahn, Advisor

Development of a "Genome-Proxy" Microarray for Profiling Marine Microbial Communities, and Its Application to a Time Series in Monterey Bay, California

Virginia I. Rich, Ph.D., 2008
Edward DeLong, George Somero, Advisors

Spatial and Temporal Population Genetics at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents along the East Pacific Rise and Galápagos Rift

Abigail J. Fusaro, Ph.D., 2008
Timothy Shank, Advisor

Echolocation-based Foraging by Harbor Porpoises and Sperm Whales, Including Effects of Noise and Acoustic Propagation

Stacy L. DeRuiter, Ph.D., 2008
Peter Tyack, Advisor

Faunal Biogeography, Community Structure, and Genetic Connectivity of North Atlantic Seamounts

Walter W. Cho, Ph.D., 2008
Timothy Shank, Advisor

Recruitment of the Intertidal Barnacle Semibalanus balanoides; Metamorphosis and Survival from Daily to Seasonal Timescales

Jonathan N. Blythe, Ph.D., 2008
Jesús Pineda, Advisor


Functional Genomics of the Toxic Dinoflagellate Alexandrium lusitanicum

Claudia Augusto Martins, Ph.D., 2007
Don Anderson, Advisor

Comparative Analyses of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Structure, Function and Evolution in Marine Mammals

Joy M. Lapseritis, Ph.D., 2007
Mark Hahn, Advisor

Migratory Patterns of American Shad (Alosa sapidissima) Revealed by Natural Geochemical Tags in Otoliths

Benjamin Walther, Ph.D., 2007
Simon Thorrold, Advisor

Influence of Hydrodynamics on the Larval Supply to Hydrothermal Vents on the East Pacific Rise

Diane K. Adams, Ph.D., 2007
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor

Interacting Populations: Hosts and Pathogens, Prey and Predators

Petra Klepac, Ph.D., 2007
Michael Neubert, Advisor

Biomechanics of North Atlantic Right Whale Bone: Mandibular Fracture as a Fatal Endpoint for Blunt Vessel-Whale Collision Modeling

Regina Campbell-Malone, Ph.D., 2007
Michael Moore, Advisor


The Ecology, Life History, and Phylogeny of the Marine Thecate Heterotrophic Dinoflagellates Protoperidinium and Diplopsalidaceae (Dinophyceae)

Kristin Gribble, Ph.D., 2006
Don Anderson, Advisor

Dynamic Energy Budgets and Bioaccumulation: A Model for Marine Mammals and Marine Mammal Populations

Tin Klanjscek, Ph.D., 2006
Hal Caswell, Michael Neubert, Advisors

Geobiology of Marine Magnetotactic Bacteria

Sheri Simmons, Ph.D., 2006
Katrina Edwards, Advisor

Approaches for Assessing the Presence and Impact of thyroid Hormone Disrupting Chemicals in Delphinid Cetaceans

Eric W. Montie, Ph.D., 2006
Mark Hahn, Advisor

Distribution, Patchiness, and Behavior of Antarctic Zooplankton, Assessed Using Multi-Frequency Acoustic Techniques

Gareth L. Lawson, Ph.D., 2006
Peter Wiebe, Timothy Stanton, Advisors


Structure, Function and Context: The Impact of Morphometry and Ecology on Olfactory Sensitivity

Jennifer A. Hammock, Ph.D., 2005
Darlene Ketten, Advisor

Emergent Patterns of Diversity and Dynamics in Natural Populations of Planktonic Vibrio Bacteria

Janelle R. Thompson, Ph.D., 2005
Martin Polz, Advisor

Mitochondrial Genomics and Northwestern Atlantic Population Genetics of Marine Annelids

Robert M. Jennings, Ph.D., 2005
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor

Adult Demography and Larval Processes in Coastal Benthic Populations: Intertidal Barnacles in Southern California and Baja California

Fabian Tapia, Ph.D., 2005
Jesus Pineda, Advisor

Genes and Structural Proteins of the Phage Syn5 of the Marine Cyanobacteria, Synechococcus

Welkin H. Pope, Ph.D., 2005
Jonathan King, Advisor


The Energetic Ecology of Larval Cod (Gadus morhua): Integrating Bioenergetics and Behavior

James Ruzicka, Ph.D., 2004
Scott Gallager, Advisor

Ecology, Diversity and Comparative Genomics of Oceanic Cyanobacterial Viruses

Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D., 2004
Sallie Chisholm and John Waterbury, Advisors

Gene Discovery and Expression Profiling in the Toxin Producing Marine Diatom, Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries

Katie Rose Boissoneault, Ph.D., 2004
David Housman, Advisor

Life Cycle Evolution and Systematics of Campanulariid Hydrozoans

Annette Govindarajan, Ph.D., 2004
Laurence Madin, Advisor

Gut-associated microbial symbionts of the marsh fiddler crab, Uca pugnax

Lara Gulmann, Ph.D., 2004
Lauren Mullineaux, Advisor

Diversity and Phylogenetic Structure of Two Complex Marine Microbial Communities

Vanja Klepac-Ceraj, Ph.D., 2004
Martin Polz, Advisor


Identity and Dynamics of the Microbial Community Responsible for Carbon Monoxide Oxidation in Marine Environments

John Tolli, Ph.D., 2003
Craig Taylor, Advisor

Acoustic Communication in the North Atlantic Right whale (Eubalaena glacialis)

Susan Parks, Ph.D., 2003
Peter Tyack, Advisor


The Role of Denitrification in the Nitrogen Cycle of New England Salt Marshes

M. Robert Hamersley, Ph.D., 2002
Craig Taylor, Advisor


The Aggregation of Clay Minerals and Marine Microalgal Cells: Physiochemical Theory and Implications for Controlling Harmful Algal Blooms

Mario Sengco, Ph.D., 2001
Don Anderson, Advisor